CDS20 at Caltech

I attended a very special workshop at Caltech this past week. The occasion was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the CDS program (Control + Dynamical Systems), and also marked the launch of Caltech’s new CMS department (Computing + Mathematical Sciences). It was also an opportunity to celebrate some birthdays: Richard Murray’s 50th, John Doyle’s 60th, and Karl Åström’s 80th. The workshop was a great opportunity to hear about current research as well as future outlook, all from leaders in the field.

I also managed to get a photo of what I’m calling my “extended academic family” — In the first photo from left to right are: my current postdoc advisor Andy Packard, former postdoc advisor Anders Rantzer, my PhD advisors Sanjay Lall and Matt West, Sanjay’s PhD advisor Keith Glover, me, and current collaborator Ben Recht. In the second photo are the authors of arguably the most influential modern control theory paper (Doyle, Glover, Khargonekar, Francis). Incidentally, this paper, known nowadays as DGKF, was published exactly 25 years ago.