System Analysis and Control

ME 4555
Northeastern University

Instructor: Laurent Lessard

This is an undergraduate-level course in classical control theory. The course covers modeling of physical systems, analysis and performance of linear systems, and basic feedback controls. This course presents material that is fundamental and foundational for the study and practice of control systems. Concepts includes the s-domain, PID control, root locus, frequency-domain, and Bode plots. This is not an official course website, but rather a public online space where I will post course-related materials as I develop them. These notes are still under development (use at your own risk!) and will continue to be improved every time I teach the course.

IMPORTANT: The notes below are from Fall 2023-24, which was the last time Prof. Lessard taught this course. More recent offerings of the course (or different instructors) might use different notes/materials.

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