Advanced Control Engineering

ME 7247
Northeastern University

Instructor: Laurent Lessard

This is a graduate-level course that covers topics in modern control engineering, including: optimal control, optimal filtering, robust/nonlinear control, and model predictive control. The main theme of the course is how uncertainty propagates through dynamical systems, and how it can be managed in the context of a control system. We will emphasize modern tools from computational linear algebra and convex optimization, and use Matlab for implementation. List of prerequisites:

  • Required: Basic linear algebra / differential equations; matrix/vector manipulations, subspaces, linear independence, solving ODEs and systems of linear equations. (e.g., MATH 2341)
  • Recommended: Basic linear systems theory; state-space equations, controllability/observability. (e.g. ME 5659 or EECE 7200).
  • Strongly recommended: Experience using Matlab. If you know how to use other scripting languages such as Python+Matplotlib, you’ll find Matlab very easy to learn and you should be fine.
No textbook or software purchase required; everything you need will be provided.

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