Linear Systems

ECE 717
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Instructor: Laurent Lessard

This is a graduate-level course on linear dynamical systems with an emphasis on state-space modeling in both discrete and continuous time. Topics covered include equilibrium points and linearization, natural and forced responses, canonical forms and transformations, controllability and observability, control-theoretic concepts such as pole placement, stabilization, dynamic compensation, and the separation principle. This course presents material that should be fundamental knowledge for students pursuing research in systems/control theory, signal processing, or mechanical/electrical/industrial engineering. The official prerequisite is MATH 340. Unofficially, you should be comfortable with linear algebra and MATLAB, and preferably have taken an introductory systems/controls course (e.g. ECE 330, 332 or 334)

IMPORTANT: The notes below are from Fall 2019-20, which was the last time Prof. Lessard taught this course. More recent offerings of the course might use different notes/materials.

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